Managing them (and yourself) effectively.

A New Book to read

People: Managing Them (and Yourself) Effectively shares a wealth of practical experience about the core driving forces in a company’s day to day activities and challenges—both the obvious, public goings on and the private games that are never far from the surface.

The book clearly explains what new, as well as experienced, managers need to learn or be reminded of in order to survive and thrive in that world and to effect change, when needed. People may be the first business book of its kind, in that it does not offer a fantastical or even especially easy path to success, nor does it play to the cult of personality or offer any ‘dark arts’ for achieving super wealth.

People is rooted in reality and posits that being a decent, thinking, caring, honest, self-aware, and self-reflective person can and will lead to success in business—and in life.

The book’s central premise is that we live and work in a messy world, but there are ways to effectively and ethically navigate corporate human, structural, and organizational minefields and ultimately grow something that anyone would be proud to be identified with.

This upbeat and optimistic book is about the positive force that progressive, enlightened managers can have on an organization, its people, its customers, and, ultimately, on their own sense of personal achievement and happiness.

People opens the minds of its readers and shows them how they can make real improvements for the organizations they work in and the people with whom they interact.