Are you going to make a difference today?

by Richard Smith.

I recently dropped my car off for repair at a garage which had a pickup and drop-off service. After I checked-in I hopped into the passenger seat of the courtesy car and was driven the 15 minutes to my work. I had a good conversation with the driver who I found out had being doing this job for over 9 years. He was very happy working for the garage as the driver and had a lot of good things to say about his company and the people that he worked with.

As I was getting out of the car at my work, with one foot on the ground, he asked me if I was going to make a difference today? This actually stopped me in my tracks for a few seconds and I had to think for a few more before replying that I planned to make a difference and hoped that I would.

What a simple question to ask yourself everyday as you arrive at work, “Are you going to make a difference ?”

Some days you may make more of a difference than others, but it is important that you do make that difference. It is one sure path to a sense of fulfillment and usually is a key part of a successful career. Knowing that you put in the effort to help your colleagues with their project, reorganized that set of files, launched that rocket or possibly successfully explained the relationship between bitcoin and blockchain (that will never happen by the way), will help you end the day with a smile, because you will have made a positive difference.

So why not challenge yourself with this question regularly and ask others around you to do the same, “Are you going to make a difference today ?”

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