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People: Managing Them (And Yourself) Effectively.

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Update: July 2017 - The book is now published and available on Amazon. It is great to have completed the journey.

Update: Feb 2017 - I am finished. It has improved with age, but who knows if anyone will actually agree. Anyway, I am proud of having made it this far and I do feel a great sense of achivement. Next I will spend some time looking for an agent and/or publisher. If that does not work I will self-publish just to complete the whole cycle.

Update: Oct 2016 - Cleaned up two chapters and added another. I am determined it will not die of neglect, maybe old age :)

Update: June 2016 - I have been buried in work and spend only fragments of time on the book, although I did add another chapter.

Update: Feb 13th 2016 - Will it ever end? Added another few chapters in Jan

Update: Aug 2nd 2015 - I have been stuck for a while doing other things. I plan to get back to this soon.

Update: Jan 28th 2015 - Round 4 of edits completed - one more to go.

Update Dec 14 2014 - It is now going to run into 2015, but it is improving with some loving care.

Update: Nov 3th 2014 - Still slogging away. If you are considering putting pen to paper to write a book, stop, think again, stop, under estimate the time and effort - but do it anyway.

Update: September 3rd 2014 - Editing continues - I see more updates in my near future.

Update: August 8th 2014 - I AM FINISHED! (again). Well let's see what my editor thinks now. Fingers crossed.

Update: July 5th 2014 - The next round of edits have been completed by Marianna and I am now working hard to make all of the needed updates and additions. It is a long process but I expect it will all be worth it in the end.

Update: May 24th - My editor is the brilliant Marianna Jameson, the New York Times bestselling author. You can read more about Marianna and her books and editing services on her website at The Book Spa